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The aim of this project was to create a pattern working around this scenario: 

The first stages of my process was based around the general them, finding what really stimulates my thoughts. When thinking about how the human brain functions I began to create ‘random designs and patterns using ink, and it’s freestyle and unstructured. As humans we naturally want these ‘random’ splodges to look like something in existence, such as when your alone in the dark and shadows look like monsters and clouds look like animals, we are always searching for an explanation. Using the Rorschach test as guidance i created my own and asked various subjects what these images appeared to be, without knowing what other subjects also thought.

Robot bug/alien brain/beetle face

aliens kissing/ E.T/ dogs/ wizard duel
boxer doing yoga/ finding itself
crying human/ orchid/ mushrooms
stuck up politicians/ whos from Whoville/ adult Pinocchio
Po(Kung Fu Panda)/lungs
Crab/ Bugs head
polite humans/ greeting/ ballroom dancing
Flamenco dancers/ Blooming flower
Respectful sheep/ Hands/ Blob fish
Shirt collar
Human with expanding mind
Wings/ Curious dogs
Two dogs looking away/ Muddy cat face
Two Goofy’s on walkie talkies
Sleepy panda

The Rorschach test tells us a lot about how the human brain functions, and how since it’s creation in 1921 it’s still relevant coexisting with new technology. Technology changes, but the human brain is an organ, with the same function today as it did sine the beginning of the human race.

 Returning to a pattern/print based topic i scanned the most popular ink-blots and created these outcomes, the brown toned ‘two dogs on walkie-talkies’ one would be suitable for wallpaper in a 70’s British home.

My idea is based from and around the system that is human evolution, the systems that humans live in, and the systems of life we put other animals into. I believe when we give a system for fish, containing them in fish bowls and feeding them “food” once a day, fish grow to their surroundings and by putting a fish into a small tank it will only grow as big as it can considering their limited space. I find it fascinating that we manipulate their physicality in a way that most benefits us, and not natural evolution, its quite warped.  So here the fish is in the same open environment as a human, allowing it’s freedom to be equal. So I’m making a comment on how we see ourselves as a superior species, when in reality we only have the thirst and compulsion to entrap and control another species.

I created a piece of clothing that links both human and fish together. We confine and trap a different species in a tank of water, goldfish can grow up to 14+ inches yet in a domestic environment they only reach a few cm. My design was illustrating the transfer of a role, freedom into entrapment. I think the middle two figures are beautiful as two merge as one, but on the left is dominance and on the right is a victim. I screen printed this design onto PVC plastic, using paper prints rather than fabric medium as PVC doesn’t soak up dye like fabric.

Humans are constantly evolving, extra strong thumbs for phones, blunt teeth for the lack of natural hunter in us. There are many theories on how the human shall morph into something superior. I handmade fishing waders to be tailored for short legs, spindly ankles, and long torsos, a possible future for the human race. My theory: We will be living a world of travelators, the need to walk will be almost zero which will result in weak legs. Because all our vital organs are on our upper body, it will appear bigger as our legs become more irrelevant.

Along with my handmade and printed trousers I produced a promotional video to accompany them to immerse in the scenario in the given brief. The piece of music in the video is also of my own original.

Screenshots from my promo video for the future of fishing waders.