‘During our time at certitude we want to learn how to teach people of all levels and create collaborative pieces of works within a large range of medics to convert to a physical form or video/photography piece.’

For this project I worked in a team of six and we collaborated with members of Certitude in Peng to create visual outcomes. This is a link to my process and general progression through the project.


Throughout this project we explored many ways to work successfully s a team, we all met some lovely people who wanted to learn and put their ideas onto paper, the hardest part of the project was saying goodbye, but the time we spent with Certitude was just long enough to be able to share and show them new skills and activities which they can revisit if they wish. It was rewarding for me as I have worked with disabled adults as part of DofE and work experience, so the transfer of my skills were put to full use.

In our first workshop we ran a paper manipulation workshop, from this I gathered audio of a member at Certitude, crunching and ripping paper in her hand which created a leaf-like sound. I merged this with a drawing she created on the day on paper, which I digitalised, resulting in this short video/gif.

Since the beginning of the project I had intended to create a video as an outcome to end the project, so since the first session I recorded our sessions, both audio and video recording. I added in a few clips taken from other members of my group also and in the video I created each member contributes a short studio recording on how they feel on the topic/question we as a group set for ourselves “How does art bring people together?”. A question that isn’t really one, as we know that art does in fact bring people together, and apart. But we wanted a focus, like a journey the viewer is also a part of.